Lady Security Services

Lady Security Services in Mumbai, Whether it is Men’s Security Guard Services or Lady Guard Services. or other types of security services that require staffing.

 Female Security Services is one of the essential security service in Mumbai. The security of women working in the company is in the hands of these women security guards.

The critical task of the Lady Guard is to inspect incoming working women, consumer women and give them access. Then the lady guard standing at the entrance can contact the women if they need some help.

In the ongoing recruitment of our company, we are recruiting security guards, lady guards. Bouncers, lady bouncers as per customer demand. Lady Bouncers are designated for women’s safety at events or events.

They are also trying to disperse the entire women crowd. we need time to follow specific rules. That is, you need to check if the women you appoint are educated and character verified.

In cities like Mumbai, thousands of women are performing their duty as security guards in different places. Particularly in need of women security guards is the need for shopping malls, cinema houses, companies, petrol pumps.

Lady Guard Security Agency

We carry Lady Security guards Services in Mumbai, Lady Officers in our company at affordable prices. As well as make Head of Security Services throughout the state.

 Security services are essential in shopping malls, including lady guards in parking lots, floors, lady toilets, and laundry rooms.

Check customers’ cars in the parking lot to give them a parking pass or ticket. Guide a stranger while walking on the floors, help the elderly. This is what they do.

Lady security working in hotels has the responsibility of welcoming customers. But, at the same time, inspect the lady customers and lady workers who come here and give them access.

The lady guards these tasks by keeping an account of the incoming and outgoing materials to the senior officer.

Om Sai Safeguard Services private limited is an India MART member who provides group security, housekeeping services, lady security services per the client’s requirements. Also offered assistance with the latest price, product description, management services in Maharashtra.