Hotel Security Services


Hotel Security Services, Om Sai Safeguard Services is providing trained security guard services for hotel security services in Mumbai and shopping malls in the state of Maharashtra.

In cities like Mumbai, there are many big hotels and malls that need a large number of security services.

They need the help of private security services and some of the top-ranked private companies provide security services at the customer’s demand.

The security guards required for shopping malls can work well with the management of the malls. Such that they need good physicality and education.

As more guards are available for parking in the malls, our guards have already trained us on parking management. fire control, how to identify a suspect.

Hotel Security Guard


Hotels are one of the most important sectors where the need for security guards is high.

There is a great demand in hotels for security guards, lady security guards, and bouncers.

Accordingly, we are providing urgent security services anywhere in the state and if you need any you can contact us.

Security personnel has to do all the work in the shopping malls, presenting them on the go, checking the floor information to the customers.

checking the parking arrangements, and reporting everything to the management.

With Mumbai, malls in Thane, Navi Mumbai, Nagpur, Nashik and Pune city need more than a hundred security guards at a time.

To meet this requirement, a designated private security guard company has to be appointed.

When hiring a mall management private security services, the company employs it to determine if it can provide such manpower.

The guard at the hotel has to do the job of welcoming the customers at the door, giving them information about the floors.

Hitting the rounds in all the hotels after work and reporting it to the senior officers.

The guard must have knowledge of firearms, know what to do in an emergency and basic security.